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Palau Conservation Society

PCS is a community-based organization that works in collaboration with state governments, traditional leaders, and communities to implement sustainable conservation activities. PCS was incorporated in 1994, and since then has become a leading advocate for community-based conservation. Under its 2010-2015 Strategy, PCS is working to ensure that Palauan communities are self-sufficient in regards to conservation. As such, PCS is facilitating management planning, land use planning, and implementation of on-the-ground conservation activities, all in close partnership with communities. PCS is also leading education and training efforts. PCS consists of general members who elect a Board of Directors, who oversee an Executive Director and staff of 13 technical and community experts.

Date of Establishment:

14-Jun, 1994

Purpose of Organization:

“To work with the community to preserve the nation’s unique natural environment”

GEF/SGP involvement:

PCS was the host for the GEF/SGP PEF for Palau from 2006 to 2009.

PCS received two GEF/SPG grants to implement community-based projects (“Empowering local communities to catalyze partnerships for achieving community sustainable development goals” 2005-2007; and “Creating support for conservation activities in Important Bird Areas” 2005-2007). As part of the “Empowering local communities…” 2005-2007 project, PCS assisted the GEF/SGP PEF with outreach and education on how to develop projects and apply for GEF/SGP grants.


1.       PCS worked directly with states to establish 5 Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) and 4 Terrestrial Conservation Areas (CAs). PCS assisted with activities in another 15 other MPAs or CAs. These protect important biodiversity.
2.       PCS helped to write Palau’s Protected Areas Network (PAN) legislation and helped to review its regulations. The PAN act establishes a mechanism for sustainable fundraising for conservation areas, with the goal of preserving national biodiversity.
3.       PCS ensured that community concerns were incorporated into the National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan.
4.       PCS developed and implemented a Tour Guide Training Program that has been established as the model for Koror State, to minimize impacts of visitors on marine biodiversity.
5.       PCS identified Palau’s Important Bird Areas and led a 2005 National Bird Survey.
6.       PCS won the 2005 Pacific Asia Travel Association Gold Award for its outreach and awareness campaign on Sea Turtles (“Turtles are our Friends”). The campaign was used a model for subsequent campaigns in Palau on Giant Clams and Ridge-to-Reef concepts, and for Sea Turtles in the CNMI. PCS’s Ridge-to-Reef materials have been incorporated into the national 5th grade science curriculum.
7.       PCS currently leads management planning efforts for states to protect biodiversity in MPAs and Conservation Areas.
8.       PCS has conducted one rodent eradication and is planning a second rodent eradication in Important Bird Areas.

Land Degradation
9.       PCS is leading efforts to develop buffer zone legislation to reduce land and water degradation and loss of biodiversity in streams and marine waters
10.       PCS helped 1 state create and authorize a comphrehensive Land Use Plan and is working with a second state to pass land use planning legislation and plans to reduce land degradation.
11.       PCS facilitated alliances between states that became national models for cooperation, such as the Babeldaob Watershed Alliance, organized to facilitate joint water protection activities.

Climate Change
12.       PCS is developing a Climate Change Strategy.
13.       PCS has incorporated climate change resiliency concerns in its recommendations for establishment and management of protected areas.
14.       PCS helps states implement activities to reduce vulnerability to climate change due to reliance on a single income source.
Countries in which organization is active:
  • Palau

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Bai Ra Maibrel, PO Box 1811
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  • Biodiversity
  • Climate Change
  • Land Degradation
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  • Non-Governmental Organization (NGO)
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  • National

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    Ms. Lolita Gibbons-Decherong Key Contact Person
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