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Armenian Women for Health and Healthy Environment NGO (AWHHE)

As national NGO focal point of the International POPs Elimination Network (IPEN) and Strategic Approach to Integrated Chemicals Management (SAICM), AWHHE participates in development of national chemical safety policy, improvement of waste management, including obsolete pesticide stockpiles as part of International Pesticides Elimination Program (IPEP). As a member of international NGO networks on chemical safety, AWHHE participates in the development of a number of policy instruments on heavy metals, promotes safe and sustainable medical waste management including lobbying of non-incineration technologies, contributes to the development and implementation of safe ecological approaches in sustainable sanitation, promotion of pesticide-free agriculture, renewable energy, water safety plans, etc. Promotion of gender issues is the cornerstone of activities in all sectors at national level.

Date of Establishment:

01-Sep, 1999

Purpose of Organization:

AWHHE mission is to explore the issue of environmental pollution in Armenia, to advocate for the human right to live in healthy environment, to promote the decrease of the risks of environmental harmful impacts, on human health, as well to promote healthy lifestyles focusing especially on children and women. Main strategies include awareness raising on environmental health threats and social injustice related to environmental pollution; independent monitoring of hotspots; advocacy with decision-makers; and encouragement of women’s participation in decision making at all levels.

GEF/SGP involvement:

Name: “Awareness Raising on POPs and toxic chemicals for risk reduction in Hayanist, Khachpar, Fantan, Kaghsi, Solak and Dzoraghbyur communities”, 2009-2010

Name: “Scaling up Experience in Improvement of Chemical Safety to Contribute to Poverty Reduction in Rural Armenia”, co-funding (the European Union is the major donor; other supporters at various stages included GEF through UNDP, Global Greengrants Fund, IPEN, Women in Europe for a Common Future (WECF), the Czech Development Agency, and the OSCE Office in Yerevan), 2010-2011


AWHHE participates in development of environmental policies and implementation of activities through membership the following international environmental health and justice movement networks:
1. International POPs Elimination Network (IPEN)
AWHHE implemented 3 projects in the frame of IPEP and one project in the frame of ISIP which are supported via IPEN. All projects were very successful and made a significant input into the development of chemical safety policy in Armenia, including the ratification of the Stockholm convention on POPs, the establishment of SAICM National Focal Point, the improvement of waste management, including inter alia the management of obsolete pesticide stockpiles in Armenia. AWHHE conducted a number of advocacy and awareness campaigns in Armenia which resulted in improving the level of awareness on POPs threat on human health and the environment among local communities. The majority of these campaigns were funded through IPEN. AWHHE actively participated in IPEN Global Outreach Campaign on SAICM implementation. AWHHE is also an active member of IPEN Global Mercury Free campaign (participation at national and international meetings and raising awareness of local communities on mercury toxicity and threat to human health and the environment).

2. Health Care Without Harm/ Europe
AWHHE has its representative in the Members Council. AWHHE’s participation in the strategy development on minimization of medical waste; anti-incineration technologies, mercury and PVC and phthalates has allowed the organization to implement nine successful projects and to initiate effective advocacy for development of medical waste policy and promotion of safe and sustainable medical waste management at the national and local levels. As a result, a national strategy on medical waste management was developed by the Ministry of Health. The network was also very instrumental in providing expert support to the country - by the initiative of AWHHE, an international HCWH/GAIA expertise was provided on inclusion of proper technologies for medical waste management.
3. Pesticide Action Network International
AWHHE is a member in the Working Group on Alternatives to Synthetic Pesticide. Involvement in discussion on farmer participation in promoting alternatives to pesticides resulted in identification by AWHHE of a country-specific strategy, namely creation of Agricultural Associations.
4. Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives
Using the information shared through the network, AWHHE conducted successful lobbying of non incineration technologies in Armenia.

5. AWHHE is also active in the following networks:
a) For third term running AWHHE is represented in the International Board of Women in Europe for a Common Future (WECF) network. One of the achievements of the network is the development and implementation of safe ecological approaches in sustainable sanitation, promotion of pesticide-free agriculture, renewable energy, water safety plans, etc.
b) AWHHE is an active member of the EECCA network on chemical safety coordinated by the Chemical Safety Program of Eco-Accord Centre. It participates in the discussions and meetings organized by the network and plays a valuable role in sharing knowledge and information among its participants. One of the achievements of the network is the development of a number of policy instruments, including inter alia: the survey on heavy metals in Belarus and Ukraine; the research on asbestos impact on human health in Russia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine; the survey of mercury emission sources; the research on toxic chemicals in toys in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine; the research on mercury containing consumer products in Russia and Kirgizstan, etc. AWHHE made comments to the policy documents elaborated by the members of the network and provides knowledge and expertise during the discussion process.

Countries in which organization is active:
  • Armenia

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