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Save the Earth Cambodia

Save the Earth Cambodia (STEC) is a non-government, non-profit, neutral, non-racial, non-religious, and non-political organization. STEC does not provide equipment and financial means and human resources to support any political party or its candidates.
Save the Earth promotes environmental & energy facilities, builds local capacity at community and institutional levels and creates awareness in the community and in the local authorities in regard to climate change and gender issues.
Issues concerning Climate Change are addressed by mitigation and adaptation activities that can have an impact on the environment. These activities are carried out through empowerment programs involving community and community based institutions to identify the options in regard to mitigation and adaptation, and the identified options are mainstreamed into commune development plans.

Date of Establishment:

29-Nov, 2006

Purpose of Organization:

To be a professional, results oriented organisaton that works collaboratively with partners and empowers communities to achieve harmony and prosperity in the whole of Cambodia.

We empower people to reduce their risk to disaster, create awareness of gender issues and support women and children and build healthy and environmentally friendly communities and public institutions

GEF/SGP involvement:

Yes, we are experienced with GEF project.
The first experience with GEF project – July 2007 to September 2009
Title was, Capacity building and mainstreaming climate change and gender issues for sustainable livelihood development
As it was a very successful project, we applied for replication of that project and now it is in a process. We are expecting to receive to replicate the successful case to neighboring communities.


•        conduct climate risk assessment processes
•        develop climate risk reduction action plan
•        develop climate adapted livelihood calendar
•        link with line Government Ministries like Ministry of Agriculture, Water resources and Meteorology
•         collaborate with line NGOs those work in the same fields
•        Facilitated to integrated the risk reduction action plan
•        Develop Micro Insurance facility (MIF) and develop their capacity
•        Ensured the participation of the all vulnerable people from the community.
•        Develop MIF and build up capacity of their capacity to overall management of the MIF – community owned, community managed and community leaded MIF
•        Let the Micro Insurance Facility come forward the country.
•        Let the MIF take a lead in undertaking the risk reduction activities at their own and made accountable and connected the all climate adapted farming activities with MIF

As a result, the MIF become the ‘power-house’ of transferring the capacity o f the community people. Under MIF, there were 60 highly vulnerable women, old people, divorced, disabled, widow, women headed households leader etc. The number of beneficiaries increased to 78 when the project phased out in Sept 2009. The number jumped to 87 as per the external evaluation report conducted by GEF SGP. Again the number become 96 in September 2010 when the NAPA team visited as lessons learn project (successful CCA and livelihood project). The profoundness proved again this year in February when NSC member headed to our project site to appraise our proposal to replicate the successful case to its neighboring villages.
The capital of the MIF increased to nearly USD 6000 (six thousand) when it started with USD 3000 in 2008. The good news is the refunding is 100% since 2008.
The profoundness and diversity of the activities have enlarged like rice banking, alternative livelihoods, diversified farming etc.
Countries in which organization is active:
  • Cambodia

Contact Details
Street Address:
No. 121. St. 621B, Prek Prah
Phnom Penh
Telephone No.:
855-12 599 817
Organization founded:

NGO Information
Focal Area:
  • Biodiversity
  • Climate Change
  • Land Degradation
  • Others
  • Organization Type:
  • Non-Governmental Organization (NGO)
  • Geographic Scope:
  • National

  • Contact Person
    Ms. Aun Livina Key Contact Person
    Executive Director

    Contact Person
    Mr. Akhteruzzaman Sano Key Contact Person
    Chief Technical Advisor

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