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Association of Continuity Generations

Our main aim is to create a social peace environment through :
-ensuring an intergeneration best communication, a know howand knowledge exchange.
- making people aware of civic behavior, especially in environmental sustainable development
- helping young people to get a sustainable development related job
- encouraging team partnership and work that involves working in with the private and public institution and the NGO society specialized in the environment topics
-certificate on communication and information strategy E-Mediat tools technology and training (MEPI –NGO USA)

Date of Establishment:

07-Aug, 2009

Purpose of Organization:

Environmental education and civic behavior.
Development of human rights and social peace culture.
Promoting communication and dialogue between generation.
Encouraging sustainable Development activities.

GEF/SGP involvement:

Training organized by the permanent office of the United Nations in Tunis on the approach based on human rights and the Managing for Results, two workshops: March 2010 and October 2010 (GEF-UNDP)
Future projects :biodiversity
- The north coast of the Sfax city: sustainable development area: funded by the Global Environment Facility (GEF)
- The Sfax saline and wet land in thyna (Sfax) offer a space for eco-tourism and enjoyment to citizens: funded by the CEPF (Critical Ecosystem Partrership Fund)
- participation with other partner, in ecotourism project in island of kerkenah and knais ( CITET-GEF)


Activities of the association:
• Protection of public goods (which particularly affects the environment), held January, 2010.
• Creation of a film documentary on the behavior of the citizen and public good, held January , 2010
• Activities of environmental education and cultural: audience: primary and secondary school children
• On October 28, 2010 at the Medina of Sfax: heritage and environment; visit of the Medina of Sfax and all its components, awareness session on the importance of heritage and its environment, signing a charter on the protection of heritage and its environment
• On November , 2010 in Sfax public gardens: planting trees and plants: olive trees and aromatic flowers, awareness session on the importance of olive oil, drawing session on the protection of the tree.
• Participation in workshops:
- Training organized by the permanent office of the United Nations in Tunis on the approach based on human rights and the Managing for Results, two workshops: March 2010 and October 2010 (GEF-UNDP)
- Training workshop organized by the International Centre for Environmental Technologies of Tunisia CITET: ecotourism theme carried through the project to protect marine and coastal resources of the Gulf of Gabes: December 2010
- Training workshop on sustainable building, renewable energy: October 2, 2010 (University of Sfax)
- Training on communication strategies on social media much 2011.
- participating   for the creation of a network Tunwet for the protection of wetlands December 2011

-Participation in the project of “enviromobile”: 4 primary schools in the Sfax region have benefited from the establishment of a project on environmental topics which are: water management, creation a sustainable garden, waste sorting, awareness sessions were conducted in the schools on these projects, awareness brochures were created by the association and distributed to students, an introduction of flushing and water-saving taps, aromatic ornamental tree planting in the schools gardens, placing four different bins for sorting waste. Our partners in this project are the Spanish Cooperation, GIZ, and the environment and education ministries
-Project to create eco-tourism circuits: circuit salt Birding Trail with sfax municipality and other ONG 2010
-Agenda 21 Medina Sfax With the municipality and other ONG 2010

-Solid Waste Management Project, a partnership with Sfax municipality as part of a project Euro-Mediterranean Gedum (Municipal Waste Management in the Maghreb countries) (from January 15, 2011 over a year).
- Project with French Foundation: Young graduate master of his destiny in the field of sustainable development (2011-2013): This project will help 10 unemployed graduates through international assistance, specialized training targeted each project, coaching and support to build capacity, implement their projects. The GEF is partner in this project (training on sustainable development)
-preparation   of a poster about wetland of Thyna and promoting ecotourism with WWF as partnership2February 2012)
-Participation in a civil society consulting   meeting organized by the UE in the science city in Tunis 7 February 2012
-organization of a visit to the Thyna wet area ,for environment civil society of Tunisia   to promote the ecotourism in Sax ,27 persons participate at this visit(19February 2012)
- project of clean town , actions of awareness to young people ,activity of cleaning schools and their environment ,and some street in Sfax (February - march)
-Participation in the civil society consulting meeting in Jordan,13&14Feb2012
-Participation in a training organized by the municipality and the University and UE focused on the waste management and property of the city.14-15Much 2012 (Municipal Waste Management in the Maghreb countries)
-ACG is selected to participate as a success story , in E-Mediat Network conference 24- 25 Much 2012 : New media for NGO NETWORK ,FEZ, Moroco
Countries in which organization is active:
  • Tunisia

Contact Details
Street Address:
Sfax JADIDA ,Mohamed Chaabouni Street, Ayedi build, floor 4, apartment 12
Telephone No.:
216-74-31 129 942/ 98413229
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NGO Information
Focal Area:
  • Biodiversity
  • International Waters
  • Others
  • Organization Type:
  • Non-Governmental Organization (NGO)
  • Geographic Scope:
  • Regional

  • Contact Person
    Dr. Sana Taktak Keskes Key Contact Person
    Street Address:
    Sfax JADIDA, Hedi Nuira Street, Sfax Eljadida, Sfax, 1th floor, N° 13 SFAX

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