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Longyou Environment Conservation Association Tianshui City

Longyou Environment Conservation Association Tianshui City, short for Longyou Environmental Conservation, is mooted by university teachers in Tianshui City and in July 2010 became a civil registered public interest groups NGO, which is committed to environmental protection in southern Gansu Province and sustainable development, particularly for rural communities . The main work area is in southern Gansu, Minshan and West Qinling. Scope of work includes environmental protection, environmental education and sustainable development of rural communities.

Date of Establishment:

05-Jul, 2010

Purpose of Organization:

Committed to environmental protection in southern Gansu Province and sustainable development of rural communities.


GEF is a mechanism of the international convention about biodiversity, climate change , international watershed , the ozone layer, land desertification and continual organic pollutant. The concern in the field ,the biodiversity protecting and promoted of Sustainable Livelihoods is also the job of our organization . We performed many projects designed to protect the local biodiversity and promote the sustainable development .such as the zihao project in Provincial natural protection zone yuhe gansu and the project of reducing the use of fire wood in iDuoer protection zone yuhe gansu Though encouraging people to use the new JIECHAIZAO and a lot of propaganda make people realize that they should stop using the fire wood and ,in fact ,they really do it. Now few people cut wood and the target that protecting the biodiversity has realized . in addition, In international waters ,our organization made the Orchard agriculture demonstration projects of water-saving irrigation technologies in jialingjiang upstream watershed of xihan at 2011and 2012 ,which achieved a good promotion effect in water saving, soil erosion ,improving orchard management technology and increasing fruit production . This project promoted the sustainable agriculture strongly and timely protectd the water resources in jialiangjiang watershed.

Through the implementation of the project we gradually understand the difficulty and necessity of rural work. At the same time our experience of the team project gets enriched like publicity material production , adjusting measures to local conditions, Doing preparatory work well, considering the local people’s ability of learning new things ,making the expected result and modifying again and again after wok . In a word , good preparation make good result.
Countries in which organization is active:
  • China

Contact Details
Street Address:
The South of Ji He Rord Qinzhou District Tianshui City,
Gansu Province Tianshui Normal University, Box 7081 (Room 202, Building No.7, Unit 2)
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Organization founded:

NGO Information
Focal Area:
  • Biodiversity
  • Others
  • Organization Type:
  • Non-Governmental Organization (NGO)
  • Geographic Scope:
  • Local

  • Contact Person
    Prof. Li Xiaohong Key Contact Person
    Chairman of the Board

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