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Ilemela District CSOs Network (ILEDICINET)

Ilemela District CSOs Network (ILEDICNET) is a network of civil society organizations based and working in Ilemela District, Mwanza City. The network ILEDICNET was established in September 2007, and registered under the Non-Governmental Organizations Act of 2002 on the 5th of February 2009 bearing a certificate registration number 000NGO/0002873. Membership of the network comprises of Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs), Faith Based Organisations (FBOs) and Community Based Organisations involved in humanitarian and development programing in Ilemela District.As a network of Civil Society Organisations, ILEDICNET has committed itself to undertake capacity building, resource mobilization, sensitization, lobbying and advocacy towards cross-cutting issues such as Climatic Change mitigation.

Date of Establishment:

05-Feb, 2009

Purpose of Organization:

ILEDICNET Vision is to have a Civil Society that is vibrant, informed and active engaging in economic, social and cultural development
ILEDICNET is striving and dedicated to promotion of strong networking, unit and joint efforts through information sharing, capacity building, lobbying and advocacy, strengthening good governance and policy engagement while adhering to justice, equity, integrity, openness and value creation.


Since September 2012, Ilemela district CSOs network and Ilemela District Council have an engagement strategy on climatic change mitigation where the major role of Ilemela distict CSOs network is to disseminate information on climatic change mitigation strategy to community and Ilemela District Council to facilitate policy and regulation that geared to enhance citizen participation in climatic change mitigation. The following activities have then being implemented
- Establishing tree planting day in ilemela district and 1st of December were selected whereby 5,000 trees were planted in year 2013
- CSOs participation in City Cleaning-
- CSOs participation in disposal of Solid waste
-Establishment of New dumping place from p0pulated area of Kirumba to Igombe
Countries in which organization is active:
  • Tanzania

Contact Details
Street Address:
Plot no 71B, Mviringo Street, Kitangiri Ward
Telephone No.:
Organization founded:

NGO Information
Focal Area:
  • Biodiversity
  • Climate Change
  • Land Degradation
  • Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs)
  • Others
  • Organization Type:
  • Non-Governmental Organization (NGO)
  • Geographic Scope:
  • Local

  • Contact Person
    Mr Nicas Nibengo Key Contact Person
    Network Chairman

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