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NGO "Remissia"

Remissia is Georgian NGO founded on 12.01.2011. In 2011-2013 Remmisia has achieved impressive success comparing its size in fund raising and in projects implementation, including the development of Sustainable Energy Action Plan (SEAP) for Tbilisi. Currently Remissia is implementing USAID funded “Enhancing Capacity for Low Emission Development Strategies (EC-LEDS) / Clean Energy Program together with core contractor – Winrock International, where Remissia is leading the preparation of SEAPs for ten municipalities and supports the Government of Georgia in the development of LEDS. As part of this project Remissia is undergoing human and institutional capacity building process, led by Winrock, with the aim to receive direct funding from USAID in later transitional stages of project.

Date of Establishment:

12-Jan, 2011

Purpose of Organization:

The purpose of Sustainable Development Centre Remissia is to support the Government of Georgia in establishment of sustainable decentralization and development process through participation in preparation of sustainable development strategies and action plans for different sectors of economy and regions of Georgia, introduction of knowledge and new methodologies for sustainable management, contribution to the state-of –the –art technologies transfer process and development of indigenous know-how, strengthening the national and local capacity building process. In performing this mission Remissia concentrates its efforts to the sectors, ecosystems and regions particularly vulnerable or contributing to the ongoing climate change process. Development, inclusiveness in decision making and implementation process, human rights protection and gender issue are core principles of Remissia’s activities.


All activities performed by Remissia are connected with climate change. This far Remissia has implemented four projects and currently is involved in the fifth one.
1. Development of Sustainable Energy Action Plan for Tbilisi City (USAID/Winrock, 2011). Under this project the Sustainable Development Centre Remissia developed Tbilisi Sustainable Energy Action Plan (SEAP), aiming to support the capital of Georgia, Tbilisi, to fulfill its obligation towards Covenant of Mayors - the EU initiative involving local and regional authorities, voluntarily committing to increasing energy efficiency, use of renewable energy sources on their territories and decrease Greenhouse Gas(GHG) emissions by at least 20%. The result of this project - Tbilisi SEAP- is a thorough document including the Baseline emission inventory of Tbilisi, Business as Usual (BAU) Scenario and GHG emissions abatement strategy, measures and policy recommendations. SEAP covers the following sectors: buildings, transport, public lighting, waste and wastewater, and green places. Remissia also prepared the guidance document for monitoring emissions and measures under SEAP and methodological document, which supported using of BAU scenario as reference for GHG mitigation target instead of base year.
2. Piloting of sustainable tourism development in Georgia through demonstration of renewable and energy efficiency options in Ushguli – high mountainous touristic village in Mestia, Zemo Svaneti (USAID/Winrock, 2012-2013). The project is a contribution to the broader idea of sustainable development of remote villages and touristic areas in mountainous regions of Georgia and aims to voluntary mitigate GHGs produced in the country’s territory. The implementation site is touristic village Ushguli in Zemo Svaneti, Municipality of Mestia in Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti region of Georgia being admirable alpine mountainous site with attractive alpine meadows and historic heritage. The expected results include: raising awareness and knowledge of the pilot area representatives in order to utilize the local renewable resource and for ensuring the maintenance service locally; preparation of recommendations on the best available in the local and international markets biogas technologies for mountainous regions; and installation of two biogas digesters at project site.
3.Climate Change and Security in Eastern Europe, Southern Caucasus and Central Asia (GRID-Arendal/UNEP, 2013). The main purpose of the project was to enhance and promote regional stability through trans boundary cooperation on adaptation to the adverse impacts of climate change. Remissia provided consultative services providing qualitative and credible insights for the regional background papers aiming to enhance understanding and awareness of climate change as a security threat and the consequent need for regional and bilateral cooperation in adaptation between the regions covered.
4. Development of Sustainable Energy Action Plan for the city of Batumi (Batumi City Hall, 2013-2014). Remissia supported the city of Batumi in development of SEAP. Batumi is administrative centre of Autonomous republic of Adjara and fast growing touristic city. The document includes Baseline emission inventory, Business as Usual (BAU) Scenario, GHG emissions abatement strategy, measures and policy recommendations, public awareness raising and emissions monitoring plans. SEAP covers the following sectors: buildings, transport, public lighting, waste and wastewater, green places and urban planning. Batumi SEAP was submitted to Covenant of Mayors in April 2014.
5. Enhancing Capacity for Low Emission Development Strategies (EC-LEDS) / Clean Energy Program (USAID/Winrock, 2013-2016). The program supports increased climate change mitigation by building municipal capacity for at least 10 municipalities in analyzing, planning and implementing climate change mitigation measures, (Component 1); increasing private sector investment in energy efficiency (EE) and green buildings (Component 2); raising public awareness about the benefits of energy efficiency including increased comfort and energy bill savings (supporting Components 1 and 2); and strengthening Government of Georgia (GOG) capacity to develop and implement a national Low Emission Development (LEDS) strategy (Component 3). The Sustainable Development Center Remissia leads Component 1. Georgian Municipal Energy Efficiency (GeMunee), and provides assistance to Component 3. Supporting the development of LEDS.
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