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National Association of Dehkan Farms Republic of Tajikistan

National Association of Dehkan Farms of the Republic of Tajikistan is nongovernmental, non-commercial and membership organization.
The mission of NADF RT is the merging farmers, agricultural sector business owners by protecting their rights and promotion of their economic interest, adaptation to the climate change and conservation of cultural biodiversity.
The members of NADF RT can be the enterprises and organizations as well as rural population, Tajikistan citizens who wishes to be part of dehkan farms development, adaptation to the climate change, conservation of nature and agro biodiversity, and solving problems with food security.

Date of Establishment:

30-Jun, 2005

Purpose of Organization:

The consolidation of dehkan farms, entrepreneurs of agricultural sector and villagers efforts addressed to the food security program, reducing poverty in rural area by dynamic and sustainable development, income increase, and adaptation to climate change, environmental improvement and biodiversity improvement. It also covers the researches and introduction of scientific achievements, effective inventions and advanced technologies.


1.       Training of farmers on farm management, improvement of land and water resources management, adaptation to climate change. IDA World Bank, 2013
2.       Training of farmers, rural population on farms management, improvement of land and water resources management, adaptation to climate change, IDA World Bank, 2011-2012
During the implementation of these projects were increased the levels of awareness, knowledge and chairmen skills, the specialists and members of new established dehkan farms as well as population on land reform, on its methods and progress of realization. There were created 2061 new family individual dehkan farms in Farkhor, Vanj and Rushan districts. All these districts received lifelong Certificates for land use; they improved their vision on effective farms, land and water resources management.
3. training of district (city) Commissions – heads of jamoats, specialists of district land committees and other local authorities on reorganization and reforming of agricultural organizations in Khudjand, Isfara, J. Rasulov, Mastchohi Kuhi, Shahriston of Soghd Region and Bokhtar, Danghara and Temurmalik of Khatlon Region; Rudaki, Vahdat, Gissar of RRS. MAR, World bank, 2010
4. Christensen Fund Project “Support of local farm association on bee-keeping recovery and increasing efficiency of agricultural landscape through natural pollination in Tavildara district and 5 districts of Rasht Valley” 2012-2014.
The project demonstrated the achievements of members of ZPP, new approaches to preserve the culture of the organization and development of bee biodiversity , promotion of beekeepers in their innovations and practices that support important species of agro bio cultural varieties , improvement of agro-biodiversity through pollination of fruit, nuts , roots , cereals and their wild relatives , wild food and medicinal plants and herbs , as well as unrelated agro ecosystems and cultural land management practices necessary to maintain diversity
5. Improving the relationship between civil society and local authorities in rural areas. The European Commission 2008-2010
6. Improving management of agriculture in Tajikistan. UNDP. 2008
Improved capacity of farmers' associations to influence local and national structures appointed responsible for making decisions on agricultural reform , strengthened and capacity building of NADF RT
Developed , discussed and adopted farming consolidated position on key issues of agricultural reform
Developed and signed a Memorandum of Understanding between NADF and the Ministry of Agriculture RT
Established and approved by the Board of Trustees NADF conference , chaired by the Minister of Agriculture of the Republic of Tajikistan Mr. Kasymov KR
Organized pro farm coalition of " Farm Alliance" to protect the rights and promote the economic interests of farmers
Project is drafted " Concept of National Development Strategy Dehkan (farms) in 2009-2015"
Countries in which organization is active:
  • Tajikistan

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Rudaki avenue 44, parlor 209-211
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NGO Information
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  • Climate Change
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  • Non-Governmental Organization (NGO)
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  • Local
  • National

  • Contact Person
    Mr. Sharipov Azizbek Key Contact Person

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