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Centre for Renewable Energy and Action on Climate Change (CREACC)

Centre for Renewable Energy and Action on Climate Change (CREACC) is engaged in extensive multi-faceted activities that seek to bridge environmental and energy deficiency that are directly link to the leading edge for the next generation we want. The Centre was established in the year 2010 and incorporated with Nigeria’s Corporate Affairs Commission with CAC-IT/NO 54245 in the year 2012. The aim is to also facilitate on utilizing infinite, renewable and environmentally friendly energy resources for local consumption, to also create awareness and trained both rural and urban communities to have an insight on the effects of climate change.

Date of Establishment:

15-Apr, 2010

Purpose of Organization:

We aim to have a free crowded planet from pollution, environmental degradation and unsustainable use of resources, build capacity of local people and create awareness on the dangers associate with climate change and desert encroachment in the Sahel. The Centre was established in order to meet the developmental needs of a growing Nigeria’s population especially the youth which requires increased supplies of energy. Developing the most efficient alternative renewable resource portfolio, the likes of solar, wind energy and, biomass will enhance the livelihood of both rural and urban communities in Nigeria and beyond and that is the purpose.


Since 2010, at the Centre, we were adherent climate campaigners, green growth advocates and volunteers on human progress. we have been impacting and touching thousands of lives of people especially rural women and children that live in rural communities, Nigeria and Africa at large since 2010.

We take issues of sustainable development vitally important especially on Post2015 in Africa. Due to our commitments in sustainable development, CREACC was selected as Country Contributor for Global Climate Ambassador at IPCC 2014. We also serve as Global Volunteer at Connected Voices. Our Centre also participated as the Lead Contributor on Rural Renewable Energy Researcher; REN21’s Global Status Report (GSR2013).

Our interests are specifically focused on finding solutions to climate related problems and using them to improve the poor standard of living of children and women in the rural areas of Africa. This is informed by the neglected crucial role they play as change agents in the development of the African economy.

We participate in writing and delivering several papers on climate change, Youth, Post2015, sustainability and renewable energy within and outside Nigeria, The Centre delivered recent papers on Post2015 and Engaging the Next Generation at the WEEC2015 in Sweden.

Under CREACC we were able to improve the lives of thousands of women and children in rural areas and help bridge poverty gap in Africa through the creation of youth led and women oriented programs such as initiating:

1. Young Africans for a New Africa (YANA) bringing together young African leaders to act for a sustainable Africa.
2. Green50x50 aimed at boosting 50% increase in agricultural yields in every 50 hectares of land.
3. Clean Energy Innovation for Rural Women (CEIRW) trained over 1,000 women in rural areas to generate energy through bio gas using 100% available locally made raw materials that comprises calabash and cow dung.
4. Expanding Access to Girls’ Learning in Education for Sustainability (EAGLEs), teaching young girls how to make shoes, necklace, local ceiling, and belt.
5. On One Child per Bag Project (OCBP) the Centre makes schoolbags for unschooled children; this is to motivate them to enroll into schools by influencing their parent.
6. Classroom to Classroom Climate Change Campaign (5Cs) the Centre goes from primary schools to secondary schools campaigning on climate change and its effect.
7. Green Jobs through Renewable Initiative (GJR), this is building capacity and engaging young generations in solar and local clean cook stoves techniques.
8. Organizing conferences and workshops for capacity building and training for our youth in Education for Sustainable Development a UNESCO/UNU-IAS Initiative
9. Tree Plantation Day, Zurmi Local Government, every year to mark WEF
Countries in which organization is active:
  • Niger
  • Nigeria

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