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CSO “Sustainable development”

CSO “Sustainable development” is a non-profit and non- governmental organization based in Tajikistan.The CSO “Sustainable development” contributes to diminishing the impacts of non sustainable use of nature resources in Tajikistan by supporting the professionals, public and local organization to better understand environmental risks and how to reduce them. CSO “Sustainable development” activities range from technical/ public education to technical support for planning and implementing environmental measures. The overall goal of the CSO “Sustainable development” is to contribute to improving the well-being of the local population in Tajikistan through provision of education, consultancy and information on environmental management and sustainable management of land resources and sustainable development.

Date of Establishment:

02-Apr, 2013

Purpose of Organization:

    Activity of the CSO “Sustainable development” is intended to obtain and introduce advanced knowledge and experience for stimulation of agriculture and ecology development, increase the incomes of farmers and improve the environment protection process by sustainable land management system for improvement of their food security, livelihood, incomes, health care, habitation, energy resources and assurance of ecological sustainability.   
      CSO “Sustainable development” realizes the elaboration, experimental application and adaptation of knowledge concerning introduction of advanced technologies in land use sphere , rationalization of existing in Tajikistan methods for improvement of economical wellbeing of rural population and reduction of negative impacts on vulnerable environment of mountainous territories, which are stipulated by climate change and other external factors.

GEF/SGP involvement:

Period of implementation and participation from 2005 to 2013
GEF/SGP involvement:
•        National manager of GEF/UNEP/UNU PALM Project “Sustainable Land management in the High Pamir and Pamir-Alai Mountains” (2009-2013)
•        Expert on economic and ecotourism of GEF/UNEP/UNU PALM Project “Sustainable Land management in the High Pamir and Pamir-Alai Mountains” (2010-2011)
•        Socio- economic expert GEF/UNEP/UNU PALM Project “Sustainable Land management in the High Pamir and Pamir-Alai Mountains” (preparation faze PDF B) (Transboundary Initiative between Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan, from 2005 -2007)


CSO “Sustainable development” implements its activities at the base of the requirements of Charter of GEF concerning environment protection and sustainable development on local, regional and global level.    All kinds of work on implementation of international projects are agreed with the Committee on environment protection or other state agencies. The reports with reflection of experience and lessons learned are presented by booklets, brochures for public community and partners.
Countries in which organization is active:
  • Tajikistan

Contact Details
Street Address:
Dushanbe City, 62, Druzhba N. Str.
Telephone No.:
+ 992 93 700 17 60
Organization founded:

NGO Information
Focal Area:
  • Biodiversity
  • Climate Change
  • Land Degradation
  • Others
  • Organization Type:
  • Non-Governmental Organization (NGO)
  • Geographic Scope:
  • National

  • Contact Person
    Mr. Olimov Islomkhudzha Key Contact Person

    Contact Person
    Dr. Ergashev Murod Key Contact Person
    Deputy Chairman

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