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UDYAMA has inspired by actions on sustainable livelihoods and environmental richness working directly with community in engaging partner NGOs & carved out good learning on resilience process towards development initiatives particularly resource conservation , mobilization in working with networks/various stakeholders towards well being improvements on ANRM , micro-gravity flow irrigation, Minimizing adverse impact of distress migration, Skill-building at source & destination and on resilience front, prevention degradation, climate change adaptation ,Green Energy( solar home lights& Fuel efficient cook stoves) and supporting community based water, sanitation, nutrition and hygiene campaign, promoting collectives are few broad based activities on the ground

Date of Establishment:

07-Jun, 1997

Purpose of Organization:

Udyama, an enabling Development Organisation that literally means an ‘attempt’ or ‘effort’ aimed towards desired outcomes. For that matter , the small effort has been a big dream towards building a resilient society that is perpetually equipped for meeting current and next development challenges.
Founded in 1997, Udyama primarily aims towards strengthening and building capacities of local communities towards rejuvenating human, ecological and economical capital and making best use of available resources, working directly with the community and also with partner Development Organisations. In doing so, the process of choice has been building ‘Community Resilience’ towards enhancing adaptation to vulnerability and changing the attitude of dependency to that of self-reliance. Udyama’s role is focused on strengthening the local community with local-specific development communication, capability building exercises and participatory tools on community resilience.
Udyama is an enabling and Development Organization facilitating small efforts of the communities with a big dream towards a resilient society that is capable of mitigating the current development gaps while sowing the seeds, nurturing to grow and meeting the next development challenges. Thus, Udyama’s Vision lies in the its value that small, specific scale, SMART and sustainable (SSSSS) efforts can bring about the desired change in building a Resilient Society.
Udyama has been undertaking and facilitating modest attempts in a sustained manner, primarily to restore the networks that can rejuvenate the resource base. Additionally, it empowers the communities in searching alternative means to live with dignity and face the ‘Next Development Challenges’ for a lasting solution to disaster resilient development and adaptation to climate change vulnerabilities through a process of participation, learning and positive action. In addition, Udyama has embraced integrated and convergent action, meticulously embedded into the community-led programmes, for mitigating related issues like education, sanitation, hygiene, nutrition and health that have a significant influence on the lives of the poor in both rural and urban settings for a lasting solution and adaptation to disaster resilient development and variability through a process of learning-linking-livelihoods and gearing greening thru evidence based initiatives and Institution building and environmental sustainability

GEF/SGP involvement:

UDYAMA was very much implemented in Green Campaign in commonwealth games in India with support from CEE, New Delhi(Centre for Environment Education) Creating Green Citizens for the Common wealth Games 2010, New Delhi


UDYAMA has demonstrated onsite activities and its Responsiveness to Social, Ecological Development and Change Management towards mitigating drought, disaster and desertification, Green Energy, protecting environment and connecting livelihood development ;
Link to the broader view of poverty ,Highlights the crucial role of ‘context’ (especially vulnerability-context) – and how this influences the asset base, the selection of livelihood strategies, and the outcomes for households.
Gives space to local perspectives, Build on what exists - a multidimensional, integrated perspective that unites the concepts of economic development, reduced vulnerability, environmental sustainability ,The “Community Based Risk Reduction and Livelihood Promotion” under micro- watershed perspective with an objective of backward and forward linkage is one of the successful activity that has linked to Farm & Non-farm based livelihood based on micro watershed perspective & Protecting land mass from degradation, utilizing ecologically sensitive indigenous and alternative methods for land & water utilization, rejuvenation followed by adoption green energy, biomass conservation can help to achieve important prerequisites for environmental sustainability & livelihoods empowerment on enterprising mode

There are two major components: I) Promotion of climate change impacts resilient integrated ecosystem based livelihood models with Green Energy and, ii) setting up institutional processes for learning, management and sustainability of project interventions.
i)        Promotion of ecosystem based climate change resilient integrated livelihood models
•        Ecosystem based Preventing Degradation & Agro- Ecology Development
•        Life cycle based Micro-water resource development, Water Harvesting, Conservation, Restoration, Rejuvenation
•        Gearing Green Energy, Greening , Biodiversity conservation
ii)        Setting up institutional process for learning, management and sustainability
•        Community institution building, Technology transformation scaling models
•        Information, communication & knowledge management platform(Resource Hub)
•        Skill building for women , Eco-prenureship towards revenue models

Some of the key achievements of this process towards community resilience:
35 model micro-projects-developed followed-by Gravity-Flow-Irrigation,
12 water harvesting initiatives operating without power and petrol, Crop-diversification ,
30 CBOs and 10 smaller-NGOs federating-together working towards scaling-up livelihoods   
2000 barefoot-trainers are from distressed-migrant are self-engaged ,
2485 nos. of women-SHGs are engaged working with local governance system ,
10000 hectares of SRI demonstrated & BGREI ,
2000 farming-community Promotion involved in Eco-Agriculture in four Blocks ,        
500 hactars of Cereals-covered-under National-Food-Security-Mission in areas ,
100000 hectars of green forest protected by community   and successfully-managed ,
2500 Home solar lighting-system-distributed under green-energy ,
3000 fuel efficient cooking-stoves distributed and shaved 75% forest-biomass,
45 schools are in practice of self-driven-sanitation, hygiene,
2000 women groups are undertaking-responsibility of home-production nutrition ,Citizen Action is on Water, Sanitation , Poverty , Climate Justice and Resilience
Countries in which organization is active:
  • India

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