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Association des Pépiniéristes et Planteurs de Tône-Ouest (SONGOU-MAN)

The association is officially recognized on 15 October 2007. of an action zone of 6 cantons became prefectural (18 cantons), regional (prefecture 5) and finally national. 25 nursery is switched to 74 and now to 131 nurseries, including 46 women. From a simple association, it now has a board of directors and a director office. Initially the main activities were environmental education, community and family reforestation and rehabilitation of village forests. To this were added since 2014 the value of biodiversity (pharmacopoeia, beekeeping, production of the shea butter and mustard of locust bean seeds not to mention the use of mushrooms selected for compost) and market gardening.

Date of Establishment:

15-Oct, 2007

Purpose of Organization:

The Songou-MAN association aims to restore forest ecosystems and soil of the Savannah region through labor and solidarity among its members for sustainable human development.
The specific objectives are Songou-MAN:
- Awareness among people about the effects of climate change and they undergo urgent measures to be taken to protect their environment in a sustainable manner,
- Identifying and promoting plant species and therapeutic dietary virtues very helpful but badly exploited or ignored in the middle,
- Produce in quantity and quality of seedlings to reforest up to surfaces to restore the basic ecosystems,
- Protecting endangered species in the medium,
- Strengthen the bonds of brotherhood and solidarity between members on one hand and those of the beneficiary communities of our actions by community work
- Strengthening the capacity of members through continuing education,
- Protecting and rehabilitating protected areas and natural sites of cultural and tourist importance.

GEF/SGP involvement:

We submitted and received funding for two projects of the GEF / SGP:
- Reforestation Project in the Intensive Naki West Townships and Namaré (RICN) from 2010 to 2012,
- Reforestation Project Intensive and Sustainable Agriculture in the prefectures of Cinkassé, Kpendjal, Oti, Tandjouaré and Tône 2014-2016.


With projects GEF / SGP we have implemented we have had several meetings and workshops concerning procedures MFP / GEF and especially the documentation associated with these procedures. Often participates online in the investigation of the action of the GEF / SGP in my country.
Countries in which organization is active:
  • Togo

Contact Details
Street Address:
BP.246 Dapaong Togo
Telephone No.:
Fax Phone:
Organization founded:

NGO Information
Focal Area:
  • Biodiversity
  • Climate Change
  • Climate Change - Agriculture/Forestry
  • Land Degradation
  • Organization Type:
  • Community Based Organization (CBO)
  • Indigenous Peoples Organization (IPO)
  • Non-Governmental Organization (NGO)
  • Geographic Scope:
  • National

  • Contact Person
    Mr. BOUNELE Kouman Salifou Key Contact Person
    Executive Director ; Environmentalist
    Street Address:
    BP.246 Dapaong Togo

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