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Technologies for Economic Development (TED)

TED is a Lesotho-based, not-for-profit NGO, registered in 2004 (RegNo. 2004/90). TED began as Biogas Technicians’ Self-Help Group established by Basotho technicians to ensure environment, especially trees, biodiversity & ground water, are protected. TED identified biogas digesters as reliable technology for decentralized wastewater treatment & cooking gas production to tackle many pressing problems faced by Basotho, like health, food, water, energy, environmental degradation & employment. TED is active member of Lesotho Council of NGOs (LCN)’s commission on Agric, Environment & Natural Resources. TED aims for environmental protection & to help Basotho improve their livelihoods through renewable & efficient energy technologies, sustainable sanitation & biodiversity conservation projects

Date of Establishment:

04-May, 2004

Purpose of Organization:

Environmental Protection

GEF/SGP involvement:

Improved Stoves, Improved Livelihoods, Improved Stoves(ISILIE) Implemented from 2013-2014


Land Degradation:
Since its inception TED has been working in activities that prevent land degradation beginning with Environmental Education in Schools and all avenues possible and working on activities such as tree planting and reviving the National Tree Planting Day in the ISILIE areas trees are planted and at least by all community members on the National Tree Planting Day. TED also distributes and promotes efficient stoves to reduce wood harvesting as the stoves use minute wood quantities without smoke.
In the education on environmental protection provided by TED also in tree planting, TED does so to protect biodiversity that otherwise is in extinction due to rapid harvesting of any biomass when communities run short of energy sources. The education also involves the best way to harvest biomass without pulling roots out to allow regeneration and avoid soil erosion. TED ensures policy implementation and has been instrumental in development of new police to ensure inclusion and environmental protection and enforcement of such
Climate Change:
TED is involved in technologies such as Biogas Technology to prevent emissions of methane into the atmosphere but to use it for cooking instead thereby reducing over harvesting of wood for cooking.
All the above activities TED has been implementing to also implement environmental policies and lobby all to implement policies related to the Environmental Policy and Act and the Forestry and Energy Policies of Lesotho.
Countries in which organization is active:
  • Lesotho

Contact Details
Street Address:
Polo Ground 49/3, PO BOX 14621,

Zip Code:
Telephone No.:
Fax Phone:
+266 -100-62000063
Organization founded:

NGO Information
Focal Area:
  • Biodiversity
  • Climate Change - Agriculture/Forestry
  • Climate Change - Energy
  • Land Degradation
  • Organization Type:
  • Non-Governmental Organization (NGO)
  • Geographic Scope:
  • National

  • Contact Person
    Ms Mantopi Martina de Porres LEBOFA Key Contact Person

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