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EFA's mission is to conserve and protect the richly bio-diverse and threatened ecosystems of Africa, and to restore degraded environments, by empowering local communities through environmental education and
training, promote eco-tourism and use of renewable energy, advocate for climate leadership, and sustainable management and use of natural resources.
EFA’s works through partnerships with the governments, communities and their respective local authorities, the private sector, civil society organisations and national and regional networks. EFA currently hosts and coordinates the regional network – GREEN ACTORS OF WEST AFRICA (www.gawa.nu)

Date of Establishment:

01-Mar, 1992

Purpose of Organization:

To promote sustainable livelihoods, advocate for improved governance of natural resources and empower people to protect the integrity of nature in Africa.


For over 15 years, EFA has:
-led environmental awareness raising campaigns;
-restored degraded lands;
-conserved pristine forests;
-minimized the impacts of civil war on the environment and its inhabitants; and
-equipped thousands of people with sustainable livelihood skills such as agroforestry, organic farming and omstik energy conservation

EFA undertook its first major project on land degradation issues in Sierra Leone, when in 1994-1997, it partnered with four communities in Kambia District, to reclaim 20 hectares of land, degraded by artisanal diamond mining, for agricultural activities.
In 1996, EFA led a group of national environmental organisations to host a national conference on environmental management. The conference resulted in the creation of a National Environmental Taskforce, that worked closely with the government line ministries to initiate policy dialogues and undertake practical activities on environmental management and sustainable development in Sierra Leone.
When EFA’s operations in Sierra Leone became disrupted by the escalating armed conflict in 1997, it relocated to Liberia and was UNHCR’s implementing partner undertaking environmental management interventions in all of its operational areas. The main activities included public environmental awareness and solid waste management, environmental education in schools, tree planting in refugee camps, agro-forestry in hosting communities, domestic energy conservation, social / community forestry. Presently EFA is managing the environmental activities in all the refugee camps recently established, following the conflict in Ivory Coast.
In Sierra Leone, EFA has been managing the Tiwai Island Wildlife Sanctuary since 2002, where it led the establishment of a bio-diversity field research station and eco-tourism camp, in partnership with the local communities, Forestry Division, Ministry of Tourism and Culture and the University of Sierra Leone.
Furthermore EFA was instrumental in establishing the National Forum for Environmental Action in Sierra Leone (ENFORAC) in 2004. Chaired by the Director of EFA (2005-2010), ENFORAC has been a key player in all of the ongoing revisions of the Forestry, Wildlife and Mineral Mining Policies. EFA is presently working closely with the Ministry of Education and IUCN’s Regional Programme for Environmental Education to establish the basis for integration of environmental educatieons in the national curriculum.
In 2005, EFA coordinated the development of of toolkit for advocacy by environmental NGOs in West Africa and during the proces, instigated the creation the Green Actors of West Africa, an advocacy-oriented regional network of environmental organisations, with members spread across the ECOWAS region. The Secretariat of GAWA is presently hosted and coordinated by EFA in its head quarters in Freetown, Sierra Leone. The main thematic areas of focus of the GAWA network are: Forests; River Basins; Marine Ecosystems; Mineral Sector; Pollution and Waste Management;
Renewable Energy and Climate Change. In 2010, EFA coordinated GAWA members to produce video documentary films focusing on Mining; Forests; Waste Management and Renewable Energy, as part of its – State of the Environment (SOTE) reporting proces, initiated in 2008.
EFA’s Director of Programmes is a Senior Associate of the Cambridge University Programme for Sustainability Leadership and has since 2009, served as faculty for the Cambridge University’s Climate Leadership Programme, which runs seminars on climate change awareness for business and industry. The University of collaborating with EFA and GAWA to develop a programme for running climate change leadership seminars in West Africa.
Countries in which organization is active:
  • Liberia
  • Sierra Leone

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Sierra Leone
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Focal Area:
  • Biodiversity
  • Climate Change
  • Land Degradation
  • Others
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  • Non-Governmental Organization (NGO)
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  • Local
  • National
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    Mr. Tommy Garnett Key Contact Person
    Director of Programmes

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