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  Interactive Dialogue with GEF CEO 9-Dec-09
(past event)

11.00-12.00, 9 December 2009
Room Liva Weel, Hall H (main side event and exhibit hall) which is at the opposite end of Hall H to the main entrance and near exhibit stands H033 and H035 - updated 8-Dec-09

Open to all NGOs and other civil society representatives attending UNFCCC COP15 meetings

GEF is the current primary funding mechanism for implementation of UNFCCC. Existing GEF financing levels are inadequate to meet developing country needs and will be completely finished before June 2010. A high GEF replenishment is essential for the transition to the Post-2012 financing mechanism to be discussed in Copenhagen.

The GEF NGO Network Exhibition Stand at COP15 (Copenhagen) is at H009B
The GEF NGO Network has called for reforms of GEF to enhance effectiveness and civil society engagement combined with a replenishment of the GEF Trust Fund of at least $9 billion, plus $3.5 billion for the SCCF and LDCF.

Come to the meeting to hear:

  • The latest status of the GEF reforms
  • Targets for financing of GEF Trust fund and UNFCCC LDCF and SCCF
  • The implications for transition to the post 2012 financing mechanism

Ask the GEF CEO directly on any issues and concerns.

A unique opportunity to discuss directly with the GEF CEO the refinancing of the most important current financing mechanism of the climate change convention and ensure that there will be adequate funding to enable a transition to any new financial regime agreed in COP15.   All interested send a mail to faizal.parish@gmail.com  to receive venue details. 



December 8, 2009

Dialogue on 9 December in Liva Weel Room between the GEF CEO and representatives of CSOs at the UNFCCC COP 15

Dear Representatives of Civil Society organizations at UNFCCC COP15 meetings,

On the occasion of the UNFCCC COP 15 meetings in Copenhagen, the Global Environment Facility and the GEF NGO Network have the pleasure to invite you for a dialogue on the GEF support for Climate Change mitigation and adaptation; technology transfer; the operation of the SCCF and LDCF; and the proposed priority areas for future climate change support. The meeting will take place at 11.00-12.00 on 9th December, 2009, at the Liva Weel Room, Hall H, Bella Center (main UNFCCC Venue) in Copenhagen. Hall H is the main exhibit and side event room near the main entrance of the Centre. The Liva weel room is at the opposite end of the room to the main entrance near to stands H033 and H035.

This will also be an opportunity to update you on the progress of the key reforms of the GEF under discussion for the 5th GEF replenishment (2010-2014). These reforms should lead to enhanced engagement of civil society in all aspects of GEF planning and operation, more transparent allocation of resources and enhanced country ownership. Significant recent improvements in GEF project cycle and delivery performance will also be reported.

We expect this meeting to be a frank and direct discussion with the CSOs involved in global climate change negotiations with the aim of enhancing understanding on the mandate and tangible operations delivered through the GEF – especially in this critical time of transition to the future financial architecture of the Convention.

If you want to attend, please send a mail to faizal.parish@gmail.com  

Please share this with your colleagues attending the meeting in Copenhagen.

Looking forward for our meeting in Copenhagen.

Monique Barbut
Chief Executing Officer and Chairperson
Global Environment Facility

Faizal Parish 
GEF-NGO Network Central Focal point  
Global Environment Centre

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