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  GEF-CSO Consultation, June 28, 2010

Download the Preparatory Meeting Agenda (27th June 2010) and GEF CSO Consultation Agenda (28th June 2010)

 GEF CSO Consultation Agenda:

Welcome and Introduction – Faizal Parish, GEF NGO Network Central Focal Point

CSO Dialogue with Monique Barbut, GEF CEO: Implementation the GEF 5 Reforms – challenges and opportunities (download Summary)

Session 1: Strengthening participation of civil society in GEF 5

Panel 1 Strengthening the participation of Indigenous Peoples in the GEF (download Summary)
Moderator: Johnson Cerda IPFP, Americas, GEF NGO Network. Panel: Yoko Watanabe, GEF Secretariat; Saro Legborsi IPFP Africa, GEF NGO Network; Marcial Arias (International Alliance of Indigenous and Tribal Peoples of the Tropical Forests); Discussion

Panel 2 Enhancing Participation of civil society in GEF (download Summary)
Moderator: Pilar Barrera, RFP North America, GEF NGO Network. Panel: Danielius Pivoriunas, GEF Secretariat. Maria Leichner, Fundacion ECOS, Key issues from CSO Forum at the GEF Assembly; Faizal Parish, GEF NGO Network: Strengthening GEF policies and procedures to enhance civil society participation; Siv Tokle World Bank: Experience and constraints of GEF Agencies in implementing the GEF public involvement policy; Discussion

Session 2: Integrating civil society perspectives in GEF 5 reforms being considered at June Council meeting

Panel 3: Ensuring expanded and equitable access of CSOs to GEF Resources (download Summary)
Moderator: Essam Nada, RFP North Africa, GEF NGO Network. Panel: Liliana Hisas, FEU: Impact of the RAF on funding for CSO-led projects and recommendations for the STAR; Delfin Ganapin, GEF Small Grant Programme: Status and challenges with upgrading and expanding GEF SGP in GEF 5; Lelei Lelaulu, RFP Pacific, GEF NGO Network: Discussion

Panel 4: Ensuring effective CSO contribution to GEF planning and dialogues at Country and regional level (download Summary)
Moderator: German Rocha, RFP South America, GEF NGO Network. Panel: William Ehlers, GEF Secretariat; Djim Nanasta, RFP West Africa GEF NGO Network; Geerish Bucktowonsing RFP East Africa, GEF NGO Network; Discussion

Summary on enhancing role of Civil Society in GEF Development and Implementation

The meeting was closed by Faizal Parish, Central Focal Point of the GEF NGO Network. He highlighted the need for the GEF NGO Network to work together with the GEF Secretariat, GEF Agencies and a range of civil society organizations to further strengthen the opportunities for effective CSO engagement in GEF. A review of the policies and practices of GEF in relation to civil society would be undertaken over the coming year and results and recommendations formally made to the GEF council. This would provide a key mechanism to address concerns from civil society and ensure that in GEF 5 there will be a strengthened partnership to safeguard the global environment.

Download the Presentations below:

Participation by Indigenous People, Marcial Arias
Opportunities for CSOs in GEF-5, Liliana Hisas (FEU-US)
Strengthening the relationship between GEF and Civil Society, Faizal Parish, Central Focal Point for the GEF NGO Network
GEF Public Participation Policy, Siv Tokle, World Bank Group

Download the Compilation of GEF-NGO Network Position Papers on GEF Council Papers and Summary of the GEF CSO Consultation


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