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  East Asia’s Hope in the framework of GEF-NGO Network

 (written by Miwako Kurosaka,  http://bloge.miwako-kurosaka.com/, Project Manager, Japan Council for Sustainable Development)  

 I'm now in Hiroshima ”, on August 6, Mr. Zhao Zhong replied just after my mail on Japan (Interim) Report; (After 3.11, Japanese Citizens Choosing this Way for a Sustainable Future !) on Aug.6, 2012  http://bloge.miwako-kurosaka.com/?eid=992354 ).

He expressed his vision  after return from small Iwaishima island. "We learnt local people's brave fight with the electric company and their love for hometown. Iwaishima and Gongliao (Gungliau), where I visited in 2008 in North Taiwan, are two best model for our no nuclear campaign in East Asia. A lot of thing we can make efforts together, especially in the framework of GEF-NGO Network.

As Mr. Zhao articulates clearly, no violent actions, no nuclear facilities and mutual respects for various cultural differences are the profound preconditions to actualize what GEF aims at all over the world.

Mr. Zhao’s vision gives me a reliable hope to transcend from the present relationship to mature cooperative efforts for childrens and living creatures healthy sustainability

More than 1300 years ago, we, China, Korea and Japan had precious relationships. The Miroku was taught by Koreans, the great priest Ganjin took ten years to cross the Japan ocean to teach Buddhism and others who devoted them to built spiritual and peaceful relationships among China and Japan. Such sages are very powerful role models and symbols far beyond the violent and death machines. The Japanese cultural development was impossible without Chinese and Korean people's faith and generosity. Modern Japanese people easily ignore to recall this kind of precious own history with deep appreciation.

After the 3.11, Japanese individual citizens have awakened and expressed their visions and wills by various creative actions. This may be the first time in the Japan's history. On Nov.23, 2011, my Letter of appreciation, apology and entreaty from Japan  described such changes briefly and was sent to concerned persons outside of Japan. ( http://bloge.miwako-kurosaka.com/?cid=39504 )

 In a forthcoming full Japan Report, three major issues would be included.
(1) to provide a kind of profound philosophy,  
(2) to present various role models of key forerunneres' actual actions and measures,
   (3) to draw a big picture ( overview ) of direction which awakening citizens head for

This Japan Repprt would be sent to not only Japanese citizens but also non-Japanese citizens of the world in English and in Chinese by next spring.

 I look forward to working with you, members of GEF-NGO Network, for a sustainable future of this beautiful planet! 

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