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  Second Meeting of GEF 6 Replenishment, New Delhi, India, 10-11 Sept

The second GEF-­6 replenishment meeting was attended by 29 donor countries, 4 representatives of non-­‐donor recipient countries, 2 civil society representatives, GEF agencies, Trustee, STAP, Evaluation Office, and the GEF Secretariat. Faizal Parish, the Central Focal Point and Guenter Mitlacher, the European RFP represented the GEF-­‐NGO Network. Key elements discussed were the GEF’s 5th Overall Performance Study and GEF-­‐6 Programming Directions (Biodiversity, Climate Change, International Waters etc). Six proposed Signature Programs, which include taking deforestation out of the commodities supply chain, rebuilding global fisheries, sustainable cities  -­‐  harnessing local action for global commons, fostering sustainability and resilience of production systems in Africa, and a new development path for the Amazon basin, were intensely discussed.


During the meeting, the Network presented 5 statements as follows:- 

For more details, see the Co-­‐Chairs’ Summary and GNN comments, the  GEF  NGO Network  Comments on the GEF Documents (incl. Programming documents) below.


Co-Chairs' Summary and comments of the GEF-NGO Network

GEF-NGO Network Comments on the GEF-6 Programming Directions documents

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