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  2nd Half 2013 Newsletter


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GEF-NGO Network is an independent network of civil society organisations which acts as a bridge between civil society and the Global Environment Facility (GEF) - the largest global financing mechanism for the environment.



2nd Half 2013
(July - December 2013) 
As we enter the new year of 2014, we bring you updates on some of the events and news of interest to CSOs related to GEF that happened in the last six months. We at the GEF-NGO Network would like to wish all members and readers a Happy New Year.  
News from Central Focal Point   

GEF NGO Network to change its name

In November 2013 – the Coordination Committee of the GEF-NGO Network has approved a proposal to rebrand the Network as the GEF-CSO Network from 2014 to reflect our current role as a network of civil society organisations which acts as a bridge between civil society and the GEF.  In recent years the number of members from Indigenous peoples organisations, community based organisations and other civil society groups has grown significantly. Our work has also expanded to include outreach to all CSOs working in the GEF focal areas. Feedback from Network members has been very positive to the change – with many calling it “timely”.  The Network is in the process of adjusting its information materials and website and will be launching the new image in the next month or so.

GEF-CSO Consultation Meeting, 4 Nov 2013, Washington DC.

More than 100 representatives from civil society, GEF Council members GEF Agencies and the GEF Secretariat attended the consultation meeting on the 4 Nov 2013 in Washington DC, held prior to the 45th GEF Council Meeting. The meeting included a one hour dialogue between civil society and the GEF CEO and two panel sessions to discuss the status and progress of the work for the GEF6 and the vision and long term strategy for GEF2020 Strategy.  Click here to view the report.


Workshop on Public Involvement Policy, 2 Nov 2013, Washington DC

Thirty-one CSO representatives from twenty-one countries attended a workshop to review  the Public Involvement Policy (PIP) of the Global Environment Facility (GEF) organised by the GEF-NGO Network. The workshop is part of the review exercise of the PIP conducted by the GEF-NGO Network in collaboration with the GEF Secretariat, inter alia through surveys of stakeholder groups and workshops conducted during the regional ECW meetings. To view the report on the workshop, click here

45th GEF Council Meeting, 5-7 Nov 2013, Washington DC

The 45th GEF Council Meeting was held in Washington DC from 5-7 Dec 2013. This meeting was important as a number of key decisions were made including welcoming Government of Mexico's proposal to host the next GEF Assembly, approving a work program totaling $369.82 million, expanding the roster of GEF Partner Agencies by confirming the first two CSO agencies WWF-US and Conservation International, and approving initial funding for preparations for the new Minamata Convention on Mercury. Click here for the report on the Network activities during the meeting.


GEF6 Replenishment Meeting recognises civil society

The third meeting on the GEF6 replenishment was held in Paris on 10-12 December – discussed the key programming directions and funding priorities for GEF 6. The GEF NGO network was represented by the regional focal points for Europe and North Africa and the Central Focal Point. A number of detailed statements (click here to view) were made by the network on all key agenda items to push for enhanced engagement of civil society in the implementation of GEF 6. Based on the network interventions the meeting agreed to include a new policy recommendation for GEF 6 on civil society engagement. The meeting agreed that an updated public involvement policy prepared with the input of the GEF NGO Network would be presented to the May 2014 GEF Council. Further it was agreed that the GEF Secretariat should prepare an action plan and clear guidance for the effective implementation and monitoring of the policy.

Update on Network Membership

The Network welcomed 20 new members to the Network since May 2013. Click here for the list of the new members. As of today, the Network consists of 546 members.


 News from Network Regions  

Regional CSO Meetings 

Regional civil society organization (CSO) meetings were held at the time of the GEF Expanded Constituency Workshops in 7 regions, namely for Central Africa, Caribbean, Southern Africa, Eastern Europe, Coastal West Africa, the Pacific and North Africa, as follows.
  • Congo, 13 June 2013
  • Dominican Republic, 2 July 2013
  • Zambia, 16 July 2013
  • Sarajevo, 4 Sept 2013
  •  Nigeria, 1 Oct 2013
  • Samoa, 15 Oct 2013
  • Morocco, 15 Dec 2013
The meetings were organised by the Network Regional Focal Points and attended by CSO representatives from the region. The CSO meeting collated views on the ECW and provided a platform where CSOs shared practices, experiences on their engagements with GEF. To view on the CSO reports on the meeting, click here.



Southern Africa - Zambian Government targets K12 Million Tree Nurseries

The Zambian Government plans to establish 11 large-scale tree nurseries in all the provinces and a forestry research centre in Kitwe at a cost of K12 million in a bid to address deforestation. Read more >> 


Europe  - European NGOs held meetings on GEF-6 and GEF Replenishment

Two meetings were initiated by the European NGOs in France and Germany on Sept 4 and Sept 30 - Oct 1, 2013 respectively to discuss GEF 6 Strategy and Replenishment. One of the key objectives was to discuss effective promotion of the importance of a strong replenishment to the European donor countries on the GEF 6 replenishment. To read more, click here.


Eastern Europe & Central Asia - Dance of the Pink Flamingos

In 2013, thanks to the financial support of Eurasian Natural Resources Corporation and Biodiversity Conservation Fund of Kazakhstan, aerial survey of large waterfowl and saiga in the territory Korgalzhyn  Reserve is  carried out. As a result, exact data on the number of flamingos and saiga is received. Click here to read more


North America - High Level Meeting on ABS and Private Sector, Washington DC, 2-5 Nov 2013

A high-level GEF Meeting on ABS and the Private Sector held in Washington-DC to discuss some of the current GEF efforts on private sector’s engagement with ABS. The meeting also came up with some potential public-interest IP-related solutions.

To view the report by Public Interest Intellectual Property Advisors (PIIPA), click here.   
News from the Indigenous Peoples 

2nd Meeting of the GEF Indigenous Peoples Advisory Group

The GEF Indigenous Peoples Advisory Group had their second meeting on 1 and 2 November 2013 in Washington DC. During the meeting, they discussed the implementation of the GEF Principles and Guidelines for the engagement with Indigenous Peoples; a paper that was adopted in September 2012 to further enhance GEF's engagement with Indigenous Peoples in its projects and policies. One of the key discussions is on the modality to enhance dialogue among the Indigenous Peoples, GEF Partner Agencies, GEF Secretariat and other experts. Click here for the overview of the meeting .

The “Forests COP”? - Highlights on forests and indigenous peoples from the UNFCCC 19th Conference of the Parties

27 November 2013 - Key decisions on REDD+ adopted at the 19th Conference of the Parties (COP19) of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) in Warsaw, and future UNFCCC climate negotiations and financing commitments by donors, such as the United Kingdom, will pose further significant challenges for indigenous peoples' rights and its advocates. Read more >>


  The International Indigenous Peoples Forum on Climate Change (IIPFCC) in Warsaw
 News on GEF

 The Great Green Wall

11 Nov 2013 The Great Green Wall initiative is a GEF-funded  project aims to combat land degradation and restore native plant life to the landscape in Sahel-Sahara region covering eleven 11 countries — Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Sudan, Chad, Niger, Nigeria, Mali, Burkina Faso, Mauritania, and Senegal Read more


New Water Fund in Colombia  

22 Oct 2013 - A Water Fund of Medellin and Aburra Valley has been created and funded by GEF to help to protect the watersheds which supply water to the city. The Water Fund is the result of the partnership between the public, private, academic sectors and civil society. Read more


 News from SGP

Government scales up GEF SGP project to rehabilitate severely degraded land in Ethiopia

11 Nov 2013 - Following the positive impact of a GEF Small Grants Programme supported project in Hawassa, Ethiopia, the government of Southern Nations Nationalities and People Region (SNNPR) decided to scale up the community-based practices that successfully conserved and restored severely degraded land in the area. Read more

Ethiopia 5


SGP Project wins Emerging Exporters Gold Award in Mauritius

 20 Sept 2013 -  On August 22th, 2013, the Association Pour l'Education des Enfants Defavorises (APEDED), a grantee of the GEF Small Grants Programme, won the "Emerging Exporters Gold Award". The award, organized by Enterprise Mauritius, aims at inspiring more Mauritian enterprises to develop sustainable exports in innovative ways.  Read more

Anooradah Poorun receiving the Emerging Exporters Gold Award

 Upcoming Highlights  

5th Assembly  of the Global Environment Facility (GEF)  and CSO forum - Cancun, Mexico, May 2014

The Fifth GEF Assembly and Associated Meetings will to be held in Cancun, Mexico, on May 25-30, 2014. There will be a Civil Society Forum on Tuesday, May 27, 2014 where a large number of civil society organizations (CSOs), GEF Agencies, Council Members, the private sector and other stakeholders will gather to discuss issues of special interest to civil society in the context of the global environment and the future of the GEF. This event will be an opportunity to showcase the work of CSOs to safeguard the global environment including actions by community-based organizations and indigenous peoples; collaboration between CSOs and Governments; and innovative multi-stakeholder partnerships.  There will also be a range of other activities of interest to CSOs during the week including:  exhibitions, side events, site visits and round table meetings. Registration for the event will be opened soon. Click here to view the working paper on the proposed meeting programPlease visit GEF website at www.thegef.org for updates.

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About the GEF NGO Network

The GEF-NGO Network comprises more than 500 member organizations with experience and expertise in GEFs areas of work from all regions around the world. It is governed by a global Coordination Committee composed of representatives of elected Regional Focal Point organisations from 16 geographic regions and three Indigenous Peoples Focal Points from Asia, Africa and Latin America. The day-to-day work of the Network is coordinated by a Central Focal Point (CFP) elected from among the Coordination Committee members. It has been recognised by the GEF Council and GEF Secretariat as a key entity in the work of the GEF. For more information, please visit www.gefcso.org

About the Global Environment Facility

The Global Environment Facility (GEF) unites 182 countries in partnership with international institutions, civil society organizations (CSOs), and the private sector to address global environmental issues while supporting national sustainable development initiatives. Today the GEF is the largest public funder of projects to improve the global environment. An independently operating financial organisations, the GEF provides grants for projects related to biodiversity, climate change, international waters, land degradation, the ozone layer and persistent organic pollutants.
Since 1991, the GEF has achieved a strong track record with developing countries and countries with economies in transition, providing $10.5 billion in grants and leveraging $51billion in co-financing for over 2,700 projects in over 165 countries. Through its Small grants Programme (SGP), the GEF has also made more than 14,000 small grants directly to civil society and community Organisation, totaling $634 million. For more information, please visit www.thegef.org

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