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  The Coordination Committee

The GEF-CSO Network is overseen by a Coordination Committee made up of up to sixteen Regional Focal Points (RFPs) and  three representatives from the Indigenous People’s Organizations (IPOs).

The Coordination Committee acts as the final ruling body of the Network and makes decisions on its behalf. 

The work of the Coordination Committee is led by a Chair and Vice Chair, elected for a two (2)-year term by and from the ranks of the RFPs and facilitated by a Secretariat. 

 Coordination Committee:

  1. Africa - Southern 
  2. Africa - Eastern
  3. Africa - Western
  4. Africa - Northern
  5. Africa - Central
  6. Asia - South
  7. Asia - South East
  8. Asia - North East 
  9. Asia - West
  10. Pacific
  11. Europe
  12. East Europe & Central Asia 
  13. Mesoamerica
  14. South America
  15. Caribbean
  16. North America
  17. Indigenous Peoples 

To download the complete list of the Coordination Committee and their term of office .

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