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  Country Contact Points

The GEF-CSO Network appoints Country Contact Point (CCP), especially in certain countries that have large number of members or in countries where the network is wishing to enhance its membership and activities. The role of the CCP is to actively assist the Regional Focal Point (RFP) in the development of the GEF-CSO Network in a specific country in the Region. The position of CCP is voluntary. The term for the CCP’s appointment is for a one year renewable term – not to exceed the term of the RFP.  This office can be renewed for up to the end of the term of the RFP’s who appoints him/her. Click on the following regions to view the CCP.

RFF - South Africa RFP - East Africa RFP - Western Africa RFP - Northern Africa RFP - Central Africa RFP - South Asia

RFP - South East Asia RFP - North East Asia RFP - West Asia RFP - Pacific RFP - Europe RFP - East Europe & Central Asia

RFP - Mesoamerica RFP - South America RFP - Caribbean RFP - North America 






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