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03-Apr-2017 GEF supports new investments in sustainable energy
The GEF confirmed its support to the SEforALL Industrial Energy Efficiency Accelerator led by the United ...
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28-Mar-2017 Two multi-million dollar GEF projects will deliver multiple environmental and human benefits in Madagascar
Two Global Environment Facility (GEF) projects, in collaboration with the World Bank, will help Madagascar ...
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15-Mar-2017 UNIDO and partners launch new GEF-funded global Green Chemistry initiative
In an effort to spread the word about Green Chemistry, the United Nations Industrial Development Organization ...
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08-Mar-2017 International Women's Day - March 8, 2017 - Message by Naoko Ishii, GEF CEO and Chairperson
Gender equality and the health of the environment are closely connected. Often, women face unique and ...
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06-Mar-2017 Helping Burkina Faso eliminate mercury use in the artisanal and small-scale gold mining sector
In 2016 the Global Environment Facility (GEF) approved the Global Opportunities for Long-term Development (GOLD) of ...
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06-Mar-2017 The Art of Knowledge Exchange: A Results-Focused Planning Guide for the GEF Partnership
A new publication titled “The Art of Knowledge Exchange: A Results-Focused Planning Guide for the GEF ...
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03-Mar-2017 World Wildlife Day 2017: Growing momentum to combat illegal wildlife trade
UN has given World Wildlife Day the theme “Listen to the Young Voices”. Given that almost one quarter of the ...
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23-Feb-2017 The Ocean is everyone's business
The transition from a conventional economy in the ocean to a “blue” or sustainable economy could be a ...
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10-Feb-2017 Technical experts review GEF-7 replenishment priorities
A diverse group of internationally renowned experts met in Washington DC this week to share technical inputs, ideas ...
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01-Feb-2017 Guyana launches “El Dorado” project to eliminate mercury use from small-scale artisanal gold mining
The new project, backed by the Global Environment Facility and other partners including Conservation International ...
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19-Jan-2017 Top economists on the global commons: Failure is not an option
Decades of degradation have resulted in our ocean, air and land systems approaching irreversible tipping ...
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19-Jan-2017 $400 million fund launched in Davos to stop tropical deforestation and boost farming
The Government of Norway is setting up a new fund to kick-start investments in deforestation-free agriculture ...
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18-Jan-2017 Waste not, want not
Society benefits from hundreds of thousands of chemical products, but some have undesired effects. We also produce ...
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12-Jan-2017 GEF-supported fund invests in a Benin-based sustainable cashew processing company
Moringa has invested in Tolaro Global, the leading cashew kernels processor and exporter in Benin, to develop a ...
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12-Dec-2016 Forestry in Yucatan: Mainstreaming biodiversity and promoting development
The community of Noh-Bec shared with the GEF delegation how they are managing their lands and forests, so they ...
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29-Nov-2016 UN biodiversity conference COP13: mainstreaming biodiversity for well-being
The conference provides a critical opportunity for countries to address strategic actions to enhance implementation ...
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14-Nov-2016 GEF Morocco agriculture project increases crop yields in face of changing climate
Global Environment Facility (GEF) financed the purchase of direct seeding machines so that small farmers could ...
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03-Nov-2016 Paris Climate Agreement enters into force
The entry into force of the Paris Climate Change Agreement is a turning point in the international community’s ...
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27-Oct-2016 From gold mining to marine pollution and biodiversity protection, GEF Council approves suite of new innovative initiatives to benefit the global environment
All over the globe, in some of the world's most remote places, a new gold rush is well under way. There are now some ...
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24-Oct-2016 25 Years of the GEF
Between 1999 and 2002, big conflagrations swept across peatlands which had been drained over the previous decades ...
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