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13-Jul-2016 IUCN and the Global Environment Facility – celebrating a 25-year partnership
IUCN has had a long and productive involvement with GEF, primarily through our support for governments as ...
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12-Jul-2016 The GEF and the global community: working together to rid the world of persistent organic pollutants (POPs)
The Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) was adopted on 22 May 2001 and entered into force ...
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08-Jul-2016 Partners voice their support for GEF @ 25
Over the past few weeks, the GEF has received expressions of support for its work so far, and of confidence in ...
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29-Jun-2016 UNIDO and the GEF: promoting inclusive and sustainable industrial development
UNIDO is looking forward to further strengthen its partnership with the GEF, expand it into new areas of ...
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17-Jun-2016 Protect Earth. Restore land. Engage people.
More than 50 per cent of agricultural land is moderately or severely degraded, with 12 million hectares lost ...
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03-Jun-2016 The GEF partnership is celebrating 25 years
From June 7-9, 2016, the GEF Council will meet for the 50th time.
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27-May-2016 GEF CEO pledged support to end illegal wildlife trade
GEF CEO Naoko Ishii pledged support to end illegal trade in wildlife during the the second session of the ...
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17-May-2016 It’s all about water – transboundary water
The 8th GEF Biennial International Waters Conference (IWC-8) wrapped up on Sunday after a week of in-depth ...
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06-May-2016 Scaling up climate-smart land use for a sustainable future
Climate-smart land use can help us advance on food security, rural development, and climate change adaptation ...
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22-Apr-2016 Safeguarding the global commons is the wisest investment we can make
On Earth Day 2016, with a record number of countries signing the Paris climate agreement, the GEF CEO outlines ...
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12-Apr-2016 The World Bank and GEF to deepen collaboration on climate change
On April 7, 2016 the World Bank Group announced the launch of its new Climate Change Action Plan, which aims ...
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07-Apr-2016 Trinidad: Conservation and Education Go Hand in Hand
In Trinidad and Tobago, a GEF SGP helped the Asa Wright Nature Center to become a hub of environmental conservation ...
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21-Mar-2016 Saving forests for future generations on #IntlForestDay and beyond
Since 2013, the International Day of Forests (IDF) is held annually on March 21 to raise awareness of the importance ...
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18-Mar-2016 Land and Poverty Conference 2016: Partnerships for Sustainable Land Management
This week, the World Bank, FAO and the GEF presented a paper on the Strategic Investment Program (SIP) for ...
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08-Mar-2016 The GEF Small Grants Program celebrates International Women's Day
Today, people around the world join forces to celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievements ...
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26-Feb-2016 President of the Maldives opens new freshwater project
The President of the Maldives, Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayyoom, opened a new GEF supported Integrated Water Supply ...
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24-Feb-2016 GEF Congratulates UNDP on 50th Anniversary
UNDP is turning 50. Since 1966, the organization has played a transformational role in reducing poverty, ...
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18-Feb-2016 IFAD Support for Food Security in Africa
IFAD, one of the GEF’s partner agencies, is holding the 39th meeting of its Governing Council February 17-18. It ...
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22-Jan-2016 An integrated, cross-sectoral approach is required to safeguard water availability and productivity in the long term, providing direct synergies with food energy security and ecosystem stability.
An integrated, cross-sectoral approach is required to safeguard water availability and productivity in the long ...
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14-Jan-2016 Transforming Transport Systems for a Sustainable Future
To solve the sustainability challenges of cities, we need greater knowledge sharing, integrated approaches, and ...
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